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RevolveR Labs project

RevolveR is an standalone powerfull solution with Kernel Model View architecture intended to create your own community with content management fututres.

RevolveR, first, is a framework with KMV architecture specially optimized for big overload and fast code base writed on PHP, MySQL and latest ES on frontend. All Kernel parts of RevolveR CMF is an independent for third party components and created on pure PHP SPL with strict types support and native JS.

RevolveR CMF
RevolveR CMF

DataBase X engine is integrated kernel part of RevolveR CMF and it's provides special caching algorithms that allow use static cache based on file system and in view mode no need DataBase server connection. This solution speed ups content delivering to user and make possible have big number of visiotors are served. Also DataBase X provides bridge to use clean and understandable models with no MySQL syntax need when writing new code.

Kernel is a primary part of RevolveR Contents Management Framework that starts first and next time provides for you access to models and templates for create content output. It's a primary look of Kernel Model View architecture.

A framework RevolveR specially created for additional security level. HTTPS cookies and branded captcha works in pair with client based fetch requests validated on backend for every HTML 5 form input type. Perfect isolation of DataBase queries from user requests is a famous solution of RevolveR CMF.

Code writed on latest native PHP SPL(standard libraries) allow to make possible have a content rendering time with Kernel execution exit of 0.002 sec in test when used standart shared Linux hosting. Template system of RevolveR with cache and frontend parts specially developed for small client bandwidth and deliver interface with contents as fast as possible.

RevolveR uses one named frontend library writed on pure JS that supports CSS3 properties animations, events dispatchers and automatic HTML forms fetch with fields validation. For now frontend parts have all jQuery futures and more.