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First stable release RevolveR CMF

RevolveR CMF first stable release v.

With some pause in development we publish release of RevolveR Contents Management Framework with version This is first stable release in second edition including some new futures, a lot of enchancements and KMV architecture improvements.

RevolveR CMF v.
RevolveR CMF v.

Whats new (porting notes)

All code base are reviewed and updated to brige port into PHP 8 but save compability with latest PHP 7.4.

Becuase PHP 8 have bugs for now and unported futures such as empty(); functiion and type conversion operator (bool)function(); not works in first release we strongly recommend to use PHP 7.4 with Zend OpCache.

You can try to reorganise code base to improve compability with PHP 8 but it's not necessary and we was provide all information about current bugs to developers and need wait of fixing some issues.

For now better choice is PHP 7.4 with Zend OpCache, MySQL 5.6-8.x. It works faster then JIT compiler variant, more stable and eats lower memory.

Whats new in architecture

As you know RevolveR CMF is a frameworks with Kernel Model View architecture based prior to more native programming futures thats makes it most of enrgy economic solution in the world.


For example, to run your own application in server side you need only allocate about 30 Mb of server memory for host with 1000 visitors per day. This solution allow to execute any website route with 0.006 seconds when used Zend OpCache.

When you run it under PHP 8 with JIT technique it requires a much more memory(about 200kb vs 1.6Mb for initialization) and execution times jumps from stamen parts of second to hundredth part of second.

KMV now more objective

Some time we look into the side of PSR but this solution have specific uglity and code necessary not needed enlargement. We make own Kernel Model with object interface to access all Kernel modules compared in one part.

This solution named RevolveR Kernel Interface provide a model with simpre $RKI->Method()::function(); syntax.

We also improve Kernel with two new futures makes possible to compare all often using Kernel Variables. This models named RNV(RevolveR Node Variables) and RKV(RevolveR Kernel Variables).

First model(RNV) may be used in Nodes and Routes where placed primary code performers for template system and sencond model(RKV) is interface to access with kernel varibales used in templates.

Code base is Scrutinized now

We use some recomendations of Scrutinizer code review service and improve a lot of code parts. Also improved code style requirements to make possible do code parsing and reading more fast. To enchance code understanding RevolveR CMF code style nor recomends to use standart syntax formaters for example. Documentation for coding standarts on the way to developers and for now under writing.

New futures

In second version of RevolveR CMF we add a lot of new futures. Because our framework provides complite futures with interfaces the construction suite enchanced with a little bit modules included in kernel boxed version of distributive.

  • Store module (provides multi currency online shop module);
  • Wiki module (intended to create your own documentation storage);
  • Blogs platform (make possible to allow registered users write one blog);
  • Forum solution (simple forum with one level containers);
  • News module (integrated news support allow to create news stores);
  • Pick search engine (for now you can administrate you own search engine with your personal index resources database);
  • Attendance module (integrated visitirs statistics in Kernel);
  • Search module (box solution to search while comments, news, wiki and forum);
  • Talk service (chat with text messaging and voice messaging futures).

New for all modules is a five star ratings of news, blogs and comments items. Also for now registered users can vote for search results and nex time it's will be sorted by user ratings. It's anti-burrocratic and fair.

Template and design

RevolveR CMF front-end based on VPU (View Port Units) dynamic interface. We add four colour schemas for four times. For now base RevolveR CMF template equipped with CSS4 variables that you can configure in apart file.

Morning, Day, Evening and Nigth themes supported with sounds and all interface have new ability to configured as administrator like. You can found config file in directory /Interface/timeThemes.js.

Semantic layout compatible with Google search engine and our HTML 5 microdata does pretty snippets.

Supported screen resolutions for mobile and desktop versions is in range of 600px to 8k and more(not needed to change layout design a lot of years).

In best practice of flash technology it works with SEO as plain HTML website but is a complete application.

We have to improve template system in the future and equipt it with more flexible theme futures. Bse template for now provides full spectre of creativity and you can change markup as you like.

Progressive Web Application for any intsallation

Yes. We make possible to transform your domains published in te net into stand alone applications for mobile devices.

Progressive Application integration for now allow you to add web-site with installed RevolveR CMF to desktop of mobile device without any programming and configuring. PWA service not only cache web-site - it allow users to read news, blog and forum when no any internet connection. It helpful when you drive while road and your network are lost sometimes.


You can donwload release from GitHub here or get latest stable distributive on this official website.

Also you can find some documentation there.

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